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Janice Jordan for Vice-President


Election Results

Ticket Party Number of Votes Percent of Votes
John F. Kerry / John Edwards Democratic 6,745,485 54.4
George W. Bush / Dick Cheney (inc) Republican 5,509,826 44.4
Michael Anthony Peroutka / Chuck Baldwin American Independent Party 26,645 0.2
David Cobb / Pat LaMarche Green 40,771 0.3
Michael Badnarik / Richard Campagna Libertarian 50,165 0.4
Leonard Peltier / Janice Jordan Peace & Freedom 27,607 0.2
Ralph Nader / Peter Camejo (write-in) 19,218 0.1

(Official count as certified 10 December 2004, with write-in candidates with less that 0.001% omitted; for additional detailed, official results, see the Statement of Vote at the Secretary of State's website, in particular the President section which includes results by county. For even more detailed results, the Supplement to the Statement of Vote includes results by political districts within counties, by congressional district, by state Senate districts, by state Assembly district, and by Board of Equalization district, and the websites of many county Registrars of Voters include county statements of vote with results by precinct.)

Statement by Janice Jordan

I am honored to be the Vice-Presidential candidate of the Peace and Freedom Party of California, the only socialist and feminist party with ballot status in the most populous state in the United States. I have lived in California all of my life, and been active from a very young age in social justice, human services and environmental issues.

The current situation of international violence and occupation could have been avoided through dialogue and diplomacy, approaches that Leonard Peltier and I take pride in as social justice and human rights advocates. There is only one political party in power (the Republicans and the Democrats) in the United States, and unfortunately diplomacy, justice, civil rights and human rights take a backstage to unregulated military spending, unchecked human rights violations and police crime. The United States is not a leader in democracy or freedom; it has alienated itself from the rest of the world and from many of its own people.

Over the years, I have worked to end the disproportionate incarceration of poor people and people of color; the rise of homelessness among women, men, children and families (especially veterans); rampant military spending; police brutality; and the environmental destruction of reservations. I continue to fight for low-cost housing availability, livable wages, free speech, free healthcare, access to higher education, social security safety for seniors, same-sex marriage rights, and medical marijuana, in coalition with local and national grassroots groups and organizations. Government policies to benefit the working-class and working poor should be a priority not a problem. Healthcare, education, jobs and a livable wage are rights, not privileges.

One or two people cannot cure the ills created over centuries of abuse and neglect. However, Leonard Peltier and I intend to listen to communities that have been overlooked and ignored, and to advocate that each person has the right to live a healthy, productive and safe life in the richest country in the world. Working for effective change will happen by voting your conscience, not your fear.


This website's library of printable leaflets includes a general campaign brochure and a flyer for both the Peltier/Jordan ticket and Senate candidate Marsha Feinland in its Leonard Peltier/Janice Jordan section.

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